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Shaw Biomedical Consulting, LLC was founded in 2018 as a biomechanical and biomedical consulting firm for the legal and law-enforcement community. The firm specialize in determining ‘mechanism of injury’ in accidents, motor vehicle collisions, and in criminal assaults. SBC provides quantitative analysis of accidents or assaults resulting in traumatic injury, and relates this analysis to documented medical findings and injuries to determine injury causation, severity, and disability.

The principal, Dr. George Shaw previously served as a consultant for Shaw-Black Consulting from 2009 to 2018. He specialized in medical malpractice, and biomechanical engineering issues and analysis.


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Dr. Shaw holds a Ph.D. in Physics, an M.D., and is board-certified in Emergency Medicine. He currently practices in a level 1 trauma center, and previously served as a tenured Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine. He has authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications and abstracts in areas such as ultrasound bioeffects, and traumatic brain injury. He has been consulted by personal injury attorneys (both plaintiff and defense), federal and local law enforcement agencies, and public defenders offices in mechanism of injury investigations.


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    Shaw Biomedical Consulting provides medico-legal consultations in the areas of biomechanics and biomedicine. Dr. Shaw is an experienced expert witness in both civil and criminal matters.

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