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Investigations Supported by Data

At SBC, we conduct technical investigations, provide professional biomechanical analysis in commercial and personal injury litigation, and mechanism-of-injury opinions in criminal matters and forensic inquiries. 

At Shaw, we provide human-injury impact and causation analysis

We focus in areas such as vehicular accidents, in cases involving trip/slip and falls or injuries due to falling objects by performing occupant motion and force analysis studies to determine injury potential/causation...

  • Seatbelt Use

  • Determination of Occupant Positions

  • Slip and Fall Analysis

  • Head Injury

  • Independent Medical Exams in Biomechanical Investigations

Personal Injury

We do all the research that qualifies if a case have merit...

Commercial Cases

We use science to obtain facts that aren't always an obvious...

Criminal Matters

Each case is different. We bring extensive talent and experience...

  • Impact Analysis

    Performs human-injury impact analysis of vehicular accidents, mechanical failures, falls, and falling objects.

  • Accident Analysis

    Analyzes vehicular accidents, mechanical failures, and reconstructs vehicular accidents.

  • Written Reports

    Prepares written reports of findings in clear, concise, easy-to-understand terms.

  • Testimony in Depositions

    Provides testimony in depositions and in the courtroom.

  • Conducts Impact Analysis

    Conducts human motion and injury impact analyses.

  • Analyzes Injuries

    Analyzes injuries resulting from automobile, industrial, marine, and recreational accidents.

Why Choose Us

  • Dr. George Shaw is both an actively practicing emergency room physician and a biomedical engineer who holds a Ph.D. in Physics. For over 23 years, he has drawn from his experience in his dual professions to develop a unique expertise in biomedicine and biomechanics.

    Dr. Shaw is board certified in Emergency Medicine and was tenured as an Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Ohio. He is an actively practicing Emergency Medicine physician in a Level 1 trauma center.

  • Award Winning

    Recipient of numerous professional awards

  • Distingushed Author

    Authored many peer-reviewed medical and technical publications

  • National & International Speaker

    Experienced national and international speaker

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  • Location :

    1172 W. Galbraith Rd., Suite 108 • Cincinnati, OH 45231

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Shaw Biomedical Consulting provides medico-legal consultations in the areas of biomechanics and biomedicine. Dr. Shaw is an experienced expert witness in both civil and criminal matters.

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